Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smart & U Visual Arts Foundation - Grants / Aid for Deserving Art Students

The Smart & U Visual Arts Foundation (SNUVAF), a non profit organization, based in Mumbai, India has been set up to identify, research, build, and implement programs to make the Arts a part of many more people's lives. Cultural Canvas, organized under the umbrella of the SNUVAF, came about as an initiative to expand the views of art students by exchanging experiences and stimulating their creative thinking through a collaborative approach. For more information on SNUVAF, please visit

We would like to provide grants to deserving art students (who are residents of India) for art education (1st year BFA onwards). Candidates can fill up the grant form which can be downloaded from

You can also help us by informing your friends who may need such a grant.

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workhard said...

Thats a very nice thing, there are a lot of talented youngsters out there who dont have to finance to pursue degree in art. Let alone degrees, they dont have enough finance to even buy art supplies

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